We consider traditional apparel manufacturing to be plagued with unsustainable practices that have an adverse impact on the environment and society. Beyond delivering a beautiful product, our major concern with offshore production was partnering with a manufacturer that didn't treat their people or environment well. It is vital that every production partner of ours takes sustainable manufacturing very seriously.

We're proud of where and how our products are made.


Our products are made from certified-organic cotton and dyed with certified-organic colors. The fabrics we use all adhere to the GOTS standard - a certification process that ensures textiles are free from a wide array of harmful chemicals, allergens, heavy metals, pesticides, and other nasty substances that you want nowhere near your precious skin.

Global Organic Textile Standard, or GOTS, headquartered in Stuttgard, establishes the processing standards for textiles made from organic fibres.

GOTS Certified



Our products are manufactured in unionized factories and in certified safe working environments.

We work with manufacturers that are certified by the BSCI. Business Social Compliance Initiative, or BSCI, is headquartered in Brussels and is focused on improving the working conditions of factories worldwide.

 BSCI Compliance