Is it possible to create a product that has wide mainstream appeal yet still communicates a message of responsibility?

Can a collective, harboring this ideology, bring products that fit that criteria to the 21st century man?

Here at das Man, that is our singular pursuit. 

Our goal is to bring men around the world a myriad of lifestyle products of the highest quality, on the cutting edge, yet produced in a manner that is sustainable. With our partners, we are driven by core principles, a gentlemen’s code if you will. We are a brand with conscience.  We hold our product, partners, customers, community, employees, and the environment in the highest regard.


Team das Man

Founder + CEO

While he has lived in 6 countries, Vijay considers DC as home.
As Founder + CEO, he turned concept to launch and is behind the character, direction and growth that is das Man. Before this, Vijay did consulting stuff for a decade. 

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Co-Founder + Sales

Emeka grew up on both sides of the Atlantic; he's a proud dual-citizen of the US and Switzerland.
Emeka studied Economics at the University of Michigan and worked at a top consulting firm before joining das Man. 

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